About Us

We, actually it's Sabrina Erin Gin.

Sabrina Erin (like the first name) Gin (like alcohol) is above all a statistical error, one of those that we would like to set up as a model to make people believe in meritocracy. Coming from a working class background, she spent 10 years holding precarious jobs, from cashier to saleswoman to cleaning lady.

Victim of various criminal offenses within the various companies that exploited her work, she decided to pursue law studies. His hopes of success during his first year of undergraduate studies were slim, given his popular cultural capital and his average educational background. It was a risky bet. However, she managed to obtain the best mark in her class during this first year, as a sign that she had to continue.

Today, she has a master's degree in criminal law, with a specialization in criminal sciences. His dissertation focused on the advisability of legislating on feminicides in France.

If she chose law, it was above all to put her knowledge at the service of women like her, precarious and from the working class, who do not have access to information that could protect them. She quickly opened an Instagram account to spread her knowledge in a popular way, all with humor.

The Olympe Rêve account has transformed into several works, as well as graphic art, because artistic practice has never left her throughout these years.