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Men have killed love

Men have killed love

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Romantic love is presented as the only ideal source of relationship which would be based on the sharing of values, the reciprocity of feelings and equality. Bad luck, the patriarchy has been there.

And love, as we experience it, is nothing other than a social construction… a shitty construction.

How can we aspire to healthy and lasting romantic relationships when patriarchal and capitalist society imposes inequality within the couple? Is romantic love really worth it for heterosexual women? Why should we love men? Do they truly love women?

To analyze the deception that is today's heterosexual couple, Sabrina Erin Gin questions biology, neuroscience, sociology and history. A fascinating text that teaches us to invent other ways of loving, of making a home, to finally be able to experience romance.

An essay that invites us to think about a world where we truly love.

by Sabrina Erin Gin (author)

Published: October 24, 2023

Publishing house: Éditions Leduc

EAN13 Paper book: 9791028530006


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